Quiet House

by Quiet House

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Light of the evening Hold me over Hold me over through the hours of night Last little sunlight Take me with you Take me with you to the morning time
If I ever learned that you had told me lies I would open up my eyes I'd cut off all my ties And I would drive And I doubt that we would ever meet again alive There are some things that I always hold inside They torture me at night They weigh down on my mind Just like a stone They are the only things I'd ever call my own And these are rolling waters I set you on a hill And I went myself to kill my brother I met a man who scattered salt upon the earth I grabbed him by his shirt I fought him in the dirt But he just slipped away And the ground, it was already barren anyway I built myself a fence around the yard I built it up in parts Without an end, without a start It went all about Then I tore it all back down 'Cause there was no one to keep out One thing that I've come to learn is Sheep, they sometimes also dress like wolves Let him run, let him run, let him run I'll be there to run with you Let him run, let him run, let him run I'll be right behind him running on If I ever learned that you had told me lies I would curse these cloudy skies I'd take off this disguise And I'd arise And I doubt that you could look me in the eyes Yeah the flame, it always burns and then it dies And these are rolling waters They'll never stay impure This will all be washed away when I return
Promise I will always be steady and sure Everything that passes me - frantic and blurred Who am I to change what was always here? I could never turn back a thousand years Doesn't matter anyway, these are just words Everything I take from you I will return Tell me how to get to the morning train I will never run, I will always stay Tell me when the mountains fall, I will just wait Everyone will turn away, I will look straight If you'll be my eyes, I can always stand All that I would ask is that you guide my hand
You were the one behind the camera All those photographs I found The stairs up to the attic They would bend and bow with every creaking sound The books unbound The dusty ground The stories that they told me They were fragments, they were parchment half unfurled They were epitaphs in whispered tones Kept safe from all the swine and all the pearls The black-haired girl The twists and curls I have never seen your grave And I will never know the things that you believed Norma Jeanne Oh, was he gentle? Was he patient? Was he meek? Did the animal inside him Have to teach you how to turn the other cheek? Norma Jeanne Are you any part of me? And oh, did it haunt you still When you would go to sleep? Did you learn to love the darkness Of the one who laid these children at your feet? Norma Jeanne Were you broken? Were you bitter? Are you present in the secrets that I keep? Norma Jeanne You are the face of all my questions And the body of the man that I will be Norma Jeanne Do you see yourself in me? Do I see myself in you?
Giver of my name You put all of the pieces in a perfect frame Blood of my veins You made me in your image, still we're not the same But are you breathing? Are you breaking down? Scarecrow Two-face with the crown Don't tell me where you hid it, tell me where it's found Don't you mess around I'll take all of these chords and make the strangest sound But are you singing? Are you sinking in? Straw man One thing that I've heard is "A man will become what he's looking for" And oh, this is what I fear But are you searching? Are you certain now? Oh, could we call this love? Could you take my blood If I'm a chuchelo? Oh tell me, is this real? Tell me, can you feel? Tell me, chuchelo
It's been so long since I've seen you Oh my brother, won't you tell me All that's been troubling you? Can I tell you what's been troubling me? Oh brother, are you listening? I've had dark times in this city I've met good friends in this city Won't you tell me
Come with me Down to the river where the current flows Down, we will see where all this water goes Down, down, down Reveille Sounds through the willow trees as spring begins Rings in my ears as I wade out and swim Down, down, down All life goes on Blood flows and writes her songs All life goes on and on
Blood is in the rising tide I don't want to feel it over me Come on get the keys, let's drive I don't want to see The death of my family Oh I, I was a moonlit queen I was a moving picture On the silver screen And now I don't know what I'll be They turned the camera off What will become of me? Last night I saw a crimson moon I don't know what to make of it Don't want to speak too soon Oh I, I was a sunstruck child But now those days are past Along with the passing of the wild Blood is in the rising tide I don't want to feel it over me I'll show you all the things I hide I just don't want to be The death of my family But God is good He is over all He is over all God is good And overall She is over all
Will you send me to the Tetons when I die? Will I be with all my loved ones until the end of time? You will not forget me You will be there by my side Through all troubles you will guide me Always by my side Will you send me to the Tetons when I die? Will you take me in your arms? Will you hang me out to dry? Often I have wondered Were you ever by my side? Is it only my reflection On the other side?
One hope on this highway To start again Headlights through the mountains Trembling Memories and family I'm sorry, but I tried To love you and to hold you But now I've gone to take what's mine Fare thee well Roots of mine I never owed you anything I will carve my own path With my two hands Well I got a letter "Your love is dead" it read Night stretched into mourning An empty bed Oh in all these years There have been times I've lost control Oh Lord, please have mercy Please have mercy on my wicked soul Well I was wrong I'm not proud You know I owed you everything Oh my home Oh my name You only gave me everything Grace has passed This I know You'll never call me son again I thought I could make this With my two hands I didn't feel so bad 'Til that good old sun went down I didn't have the one To put my arms around


released April 10, 2015

Stuart Wheeler - voice, guitar, organ, bass, piano
Alyssa Pyper - violin, voice
Mary Nielson - violin
Sydney Howard - viola
Robert Willes - cello
Jesse Quebbeman-Turley - percussion, winds

Recorded at Studio Studio Dada
Engineered and mixed by Bly Wallentine
Mastered by Cade Thalman
Art Design by Jessica Li


all rights reserved



Stuart Wheeler Middletown, Connecticut

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